Self Compassion: 1/2 day workshop

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3.0 hours
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Is it time to tame your inner critic? In this practical, half-day workshop we will learn the science and practice of self-compassion, helping us to live a life motivated by kindness rather than criticism.

In an individualistic world, many of us live with a harsh and critical self-attitude that we are not good enough: we should "do better" "be smarter" "achieve more" or "not mess up". We can be compassionate and kind to friends and family, even strangers, but are less familiar and comfortable with being compassionate to ourselves. A lack of self-compassion can take its toll on our physical and mental wellbeing and performance at work, home and in relationships.

In this practical workshop we will learn the science and practice of self-compassion in an informative, interactive, practical and playful way. We will learn:

  • Why we develop self-critical thoughts

  • How self-compassion can act as an antidote

  • How to reconnect with our values

  • To appreciate our common humanity

  • To be motivated by kindness and joy

We will leave with the knowledge and skills to be more self compassionate and reap the wellbeing benefits of motivating ourselves through kindness rather than criticism. 

This session is facilitated by Dr Jo Mitchell, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Founder of The Mind Room.

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What you will learn
  • Discover the science and practice of self-compassion
  • Learn why self-compassion is essential for health, wellbeing and motivation
  • Learn how to practice self-compassion
What you will get
  • A science-based approach to self compassion
  • Practical tools and exercises
  • Worksheets & audio links summarising key ideas

What to bring
  • Your body + mind + attention
What to wear

Casual / Comfortable

Appropriate for

Teenagers and adults looking to develop self-compassion and curious learners interested in harnessing their mind's potential.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Our refund policy is pretty simple - if you can't attend, then send a friend.

Alternatively, if you notify us in writing at hello@themindroom.com.au, at least 14 days prior to the start of a class then we will arrange a refund (less any admin fees we have already incurred, up to max. 20%) or transfer your booking to another date.


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01 July 2018 • Self Compassion: 1/2 day workshop

This was a truly worthwhile day. It provided a thorough understanding of the concepts that comprise self-compassion as well as practices to be used on an ongoing basis. The small group worked well and Danica, the facilitator, was knowledgable, kind and very helpful. Personally, I loved how interactive it was and that there was almost no reading (we can do that on our own).


27 June 2018 • Self Compassion: 1/2 day workshop

This workshop was great. I really appreciated taking the time for myself to understand my thoughts, experiences and my relationship with these and how they impact me. Our class was 6 people + facilitator Danika. Set in a cosy and friendly room on bean bags or chairs, group circle situation. Learning about shared experiences, looking at our values and understanding how we can bring more action into our lives that helps us live by these values. Practicing of mindfulness and meditation, chances to share and discuss thoughts, hand outs on relevant research and how we can better engage with techniques and ways of thinking to encourage self compassion and compassion for others also. Enjoyed the class, it has been on my mind since and I notice it the back of my mind, allowing a kinder and softer space for myself.


26 June 2018 • Self Compassion: 1/2 day workshop

Thanks for a great session Danika. Really inspired by the space.

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